At Anteo, we like to keep things pointy, and pertinent. If you’re speaking with us, it’s about a great opportunity, not the weather. In short, our Executive Solutions are the product of more than 25 years of combined experience in this specialised area. So we understand the wants, needs and values of executives, business owners and key organisational decision-makers more than most. Above all, we’re connected to the top end of businesses. So connect with us, and let’s us show you where we can take your career.

It’s not who you know, it’s who we know.

Built on mutual respect and trust, Anteo’s longstanding relationships in the market provide a takeover lane to the corridors of power. For strategic recruitment hires at the top end of town, it’s time you partnered with those who know the road to the top.

We invite you to get in touch for a discreet chat. Call or email Anthony, today.

Shhh... the best jobs are often kept secret.

Here’s something you probably know but let’s not tell your competition: executive appointments are rare, highly sensitive and unique by nature. Discretion is paramount. That’s why many aren’t publicly advertised. Only those connected at the highest level are entrusted with this information. Know that Anteo is among those chosen few. We’d welcome you to tell your friend about us, but if you’re ambitious we understand if you don’t.

Uncover jobs you never knew existed.

Don’t clamber, command your way to the top.

Each step is critical for the executive seeking change or a new opportunity. Anteo Director and Principal Consultant, Anthony Wilks, and HR Business Partner Min Choo, guide Executives through:

  • An individual needs analysis – we work with you to define what success looks like.
  • Psychometric & behavioural testing – to identify core strengths, and areas for improvement with recommendations to address them.
  • Industry and organisational research – mapping opportunities and organisations to suit individual strengths, wants and needs.
  • Career management, introduction and advisory.
  • Managing introductions.
  • Maintaining strict privacy and confidentiality.
  • Public relations – management of and advice for your personal brand, reputation and image.
  • Managing and coordinating media and industry endorsements.
  • Negotiating contracts – leveraging formal knowledge, market trends and human craft.

I’m ready. Let’s get started.