The role of a top executive can be the hardest hand-made shoes to fill. It demands experts in the field to help minimise the stress on your business and find the right solution, fast. Our values of collaboration, and understanding – with more than 50 years’ combined executive recruitment experience – puts Anteo in good stead. We manage recruitment for C-suite, senior leadership and executive general management, across government, private, education and publicly listed organisations.

Executive decision-making made easier.

For executive recruitment, you’ll gain access to our own executives. Anteo’s Director & Principal Consultant Anthony Wilks and HR Advisor Min Choo are at your beck and call.

We employ a robust process to assess background skills, knowledge and suitability for the role. The candidate will sit with the panel, the hiring manager and a subject expert to ensure all criterion are satisfied and validated.

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Talent mapping makes success easier to pin down.

We conduct industry and non-industry talent mapping in-house with our Executive Search function. That means referring to public databases, social media, other CRMs and recruitment databases to identify the highest number of candidates. This allows for targeted talent searching, and ensures greater suitability. It’s a fixed target, enabling a proactive approach where we only reach out to those who fit the brief.

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Harness your hire power.

Investing time upfront conducting a comprehensive Recruitment Needs Analysis to establish a fully customized Recruitment Strategy will help guide your energy. Not to mention, minimise any loss of momentum within your organisation. It’s all about streamlining your needs so you know where you truly stand.

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Proactive, not reactive.

The best executives are proactive, not reactive. And so are our processes. By mapping our target before we begin a search, we identify your targeted and preferred candidate audience. This saves time and helps your organisation stay on track in the absence of an executive role that needs to be filled fast, but engages the target with pinpoint precision.

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Like a Saville Row suit, our screening is tailor made.

No two businesses or candidates are the same. Fit comes first – that’s our philosophy. And that’s exactly why all our validation questions and screening processes are bespoke. We use a key selection criteria and position description and benchmark behaviour and skills and abilities. From there we can make some judgements based on this, before setting up a meeting with the recruitment panel.

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We stress test before you pressure test.

Better to test an executive in an examination room than a boardroom. Fact is, each role has a distinct set of challenges. That’s why our psychometric testing is customised to the position. This type of testing quantifies behavioural preferences, numerical, abstract and verbal reasoning skills, plus negotiation skills. These can be ranked for further assessment. It validates and affirms behavioural and technical suitability.

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We never take a new face on face value.

Executive roles are demanding. And we’re just as demanding with our testing. It’s not unusual for us to bring in a subject matter expert on a client’s behalf to ensure that everything is in check, assessing their technical and project-orientated experience. After all, they’re in a better position to validate specific skills for a role.

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Good on paper. Even better in practice.

It pays to double-check every exec. While they might look good on paper, a hire of such magnitude demands diligence to protect your organisation. We conduct Australian Federal Police check, ASIC, and a comprehensive medical.

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Ensure your high flyers aren’t flying low.

Salary benchmarking helps calculate a candidate’s worth in your business and in the open market. It’s common practice for large corporates to benchmark staff salaries based on their performance and the business’s performance to ensure everyone is paid what they’re worth. This helps staff retention, fulfilling staff’s needs and salary expectations and the potential of your business.

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