We’re always searching for ‘the one’ and we’re relentless in our pursuit. Our approach borders on pedantic – we hire as if we’re hiring for our own business. And in some respects, as your right-hand recruitment partner, it feels like we are. We specialise in recruiting for those hard-to-find marketing, technology, finance, and HR personnel. Our team possesses more than 100 years of combined recruitment experience. That means a diverse range of skill-sets, backgrounds and specialisations we bring to the fore with every hire. Sure, our passion for recruitment gets our blood pumping. And we’re 100% sure that’s not our morning coffee talking. Truth be told, there’s nothing that can bring us back down to earth. Because there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients’ businesses soar.

The audit without the ‘auditors’.

Here’s an audit your business will actually want to be a part of: we take a forensic look at your HR. That means comprehensive research, briefings and corroboration of findings to conceptualise a solution. And it all begins with an audit – the good kind.

Begin an audit that’s guaranteed to have a positive outcome.

Shedding light with commercial insight.

Feel like you’re in the dark? How will you know where to head if you can’t see where your competitors are travelling? Let us conduct a detailed competitor and industry analysis to unearth commercial insights and resources in support of talent tracking and talent engagement strategies.

Let us show you the way with a competitor and industry analysis.

Attracting talent? We’re like honey to the queen bee.

The Anteo team can take care of campaign management, too. We’re experts in developing and executing bespoke advertising and engagement strategies to attract top talent.

We can develop a talent campaign that’s proven to be sticky with your audience.

Secure the target in your sights.

A miss is as good as a mile when it comes to vetting applicants. That’s why we use contemporary vetting methodologies to ensure we always hit the mark and that the ‘best’ candidates truly are the best available.

Hone in on finding the right candidate with Anteo.

The right tests for the right hire.

We remove the guesswork out of making the right decision for important positions by providing best practice psychometric testing and checks inline with your key selection criteria.

Do recruiting right with Anteo. Ask us about testing today.

All the right checks and balances.

We protect against any discrepancies with your hire. Better to know now than six months down the track when they’re an active member of your organisation. That’s why we conduct an Australian Federal Police check, ASIC, and a comprehensive medical.

Check us out so we can check them out.

Find the right rung on the salary ladder.

Salary benchmarking helps calculate a candidate’s worth in your business and in the open market. It’s common practice for large corporates to undertake this process each year based on their staff’s performance, business performance to ensure everyone is paid what they’re worth, which helps staff climb the ladder and you reach your business goals.

See how we put our money where our mouth is. Ask us about salary benchmarking your business.