The property industry is highly competitive, but we try to make sure our ambitions – and our candidates – aren’t blind to the strain it can put on lifestyle. Many of us work in the industry six days a week. That’s precisely why our team understands and respects professional goals, objectives and priorities. We believe such ambition should go hand-in-hand with your belief system, family, health and wellbeing. With this in mind, our Real Estate and Property team feels a real duty of care when dealing with one of the most important decisions of your life – your job, your employer, and choosing the right career path for your values. We work with experienced property professionals who aspire for better. We understand the importance of job fulfilment, and what makes real estate and property professionals work Monday to Friday (and most Saturdays too). We’re driven (famously in nice cars) but it’s finding a balance with life’s journey and family that really matters. You want a job that’s rewarding, but not all-consuming.

Jack and master of all trades.

Our expertise spans Property Management, Trust Accounting, Sales, and General Support and Administration. We’ve created a hub of high-profile real estate and property agencies that engage us exclusively for rare and hard-to-find roles.

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Know your worth (no underquoting here).

You know the worth of a property, but do you know your own? Our free Real Estate and Property Salary Tool provides detailed salary benchmarks in line with your type and level of experience.

Invest in yourself and find out your true value

Your personal Secret Agent, guiding you to your dream role.

No one welcomes chatter around the industry when they’re going for a new role. It’s a faux pas with serious consequences. We protect your interests by placing you with an experienced Recruitment Partner who will guide you through a confidential and preliminary consultation to discover where you’re at and where you’re headed. We match you with select opportunities and organisations that align with you. No details are ever exchanged without prior consent – your search is our secret.

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Have a career path in mind? We have the map (and know a shortcut too).

As a property professional, you’ve probably seen your fair share of plans, but what about one for your career? We provide you with a tailor-made career roadmap. A Career Consultant customises a professional roadmap in line with your individual goals and objectives, detailing recommendations regarding skills, experience and qualifications. We then suggest corporate partners who can help show you the road (and maybe even a shortcut) to success.

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